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Welcome to Medical Relief Fund

Medical Relief Fund is a non-profit organization focused on saving lives, supporting quality health care, and ensuring continuous medication by helping individuals pay their insurance copay. With the help of our donors, staff members, volunteers, and sponsors, we continue to offer financial assistance to all eligible individuals for free. Furthermore, we offer extra help to our beneficiaries through medical case management and providing toiletry kits and clothes. Support our advocacy, and together, let’s make a difference in others one at a time.

Medical Relief Fund is a United States 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible

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Many people suffer from not only health problems but also medical bills. With this, Medical Relief Fund commits to helping individuals and families who are unable to afford their insurance copay. Learn how you can help us in our mission in your own little ways. Find Out More

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Health is Wealth - Health is the most important wealth we can achieve. It is not enough to have money alone. We can only make good use of our wealth if we have good health.

Medical Relief Fund provides medical relief to people here in the U. S. and Internationally who need medical assistance. Access to medication - medical equipment and provider referral is our goal.

Bringing solutions - Hunger, Acute Health issues, Reproductive Health, Malaria, Mental Health, Epidemic, Infection Control, and Water Supply.

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